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Maqui Plus (1 Bottle with a shot glass)


beyonde Maqui Plus Multi Fruits and Berries Concentrate

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Liquid health supplement, packed with maqui berries, artichoke leaf extract, goji berries, grape seed extract, acai berry extract, and acerola cherry extract.

Warning: It is recommended to consume a balanced diet consisting of a variety of food from the 5 nutrition groups. This product is not intended to prevent or cure any diseases. Not recommended for children and pregnant women.

Maqui Plus Ingredient in 25 ml
Red Grape Concentrate 2690 mg
Chokeberry Concentrate 1345 mg
Mixed Berries Concentrate 896.66 mg
Cranberry Concentrate 896.66 mg
Maqui Berry Powder 134.50 mg
Artichoke Leaf Extract 53.80 mg
Lycium Extract 53.80 mg
Grape seed Extract 8.96 mg
Acai Berry Extract 0.89 mg
Acerola Extract 0.89 mg
Raspberry Powder 0.89 mg

Mix 25 ml of Maqui Plus with 25 ml of water. Drink every morning and evening.

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