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Algae Calcium-D


Chicory Fiber & Calcium plus Vitamin D Dietary Supplement

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Dietary Supplement product containing Chicory Fiber, Calcium, and Vitamin D. Helps to fortify bones, teeth, hair and nails by providing essential Calcium and Minerals.

Warning: It is recommended to consume a balanced diet consisting of a variety of food from the 5 nutrition groups. This product is not intended to prevent or cure any diseases. Not recommended for children and pregnant women.

Active Ingredient in 1 Serving (15 grams)
Chicory Fiber (Inulin 92%) 8 grams
Total Dietary Fiber 7.36 grams content

Calcium from Red Algae 850 mg
Equivalent to Calcium 250 mg

Orange Juice Powder 300 mg

Vitamin D3 100 IU
Betacarotene 1 mg
Equivalent to Vitamin A 555 IU

No preservative, artificial colorant and flavoring agent added
Contains permitted food additives :Sweetener (Erythritol & Sucralose), Acidifier (INS 296 , INS 331(iii)), Texturizing Agent (INS 414), Flavor Synergist (INS 640), Anticaking (INS 551)

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