5 Tips For Protecting Your Eyes

What are some tips for protecting your eyes?

  1. Limit your screen exposure
  2. Wear sunglasses
  3. Wear eye safety equipment
  4. Eat healthy and drink water
  5. Visit your eye doctor regularly

Have you ever noticed how much screen time you have every day? Do you ever look away and feel your eyes burning? Although screens are a big part of our lives now, we should not take our eyes for granted. There are many other ways for our eyes to get damaged. Nobody wants to lose their vision, so here are some tips for protecting your eyes:

Limit your screen exposure

For almost everything we do, screens are a part of our lives. Be it leisurely watching TV, working, or playing games, our eyes do most of the work. People tend to look at their screens at a closer distance than when reading a book, and people also forget to blink. These unconscious tendencies will cause problems for your eyes. The glare from the screen contributes to eyestrain and may damage your eyes in the long run.

Try limiting your screen exposure or keep them at a distance. Look away every once in a while to give your eyes some time to rest.

Wear sunglasses

Woman wearing sunglasses at the beach

Everybody knows that ultraviolet (UV) rays are bad for us. Exposure would damage both our skin and our eyes. We already use sunscreen to protect our skin from UV rays from the sun. For our eyes, sunglasses are the solution.

Make it a habit to wear sunglasses when going outside. UV rays come from sunlight which can reflect from water or glass surfaces, so make sure to wear a pair even on cloudy days. 

Thankfully, even inexpensive sunglasses can offer this type of protection.

Wear eye safety equipment

This especially applies to those who do work that may endanger their eyes. People in construction, people who do welding, and people who work in hospitals and labs should wear the proper eyewear. Chemicals or other harmful substances can easily get caught in the eye. Even if you don’t work in these fields, you should still wear your goggles when you go swimming. It will protect your eyes from any harmful substances in the water.

Eat healthy and drink water

Eat Healthy And Drink Water

What better protection could there be than being healthy? Keeping your eyes healthy will strengthen its ability to protect and reinvigorate itself. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids are proven to be good for the eyes. They lessen the risk of diseases such as cataracts. 

Lutein, zinc, and vitamins C and E are also helpful to your eyes. Green leafy vegetables, some oily fish like tuna, and other protein sources are some examples. If you don’t like these foods, there are dietary supplements for omega-3 in the market that you can take.

Drinking water will keep your body hydrated and let your eyes produce tears.

Visit your eye doctor regularly

This is the best way to keep your eyes protected and healthy. An annual visit to the eye doctor will help detect early signs of diseases. Other than that, you can talk to your doctor about any of your issues about your eyes. The doctor can give advice on how to protect your eyes and keep them healthy. 

This will also make sure that your glasses or contacts are still up to date. Listening to and heeding the advice of your eye doctor is the best care you can give your eyes.

Key takeaway

Each person has their own needs and priorities, but these tips for protecting your eyes should be applicable to almost anyone. Taking your vision for granted is a regret that everybody should try to avoid.

Keep your eyes healthy by doing the right thing for your body. Some good, high-quality health products are available here for any of your needs. Check it out and keep healthy!

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